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“Each day, we strive to add improvements that are useful for our clients and respond to their needs. That’s why we’ve developed the following practical services with no extra costs.”

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  • Check available balance, usage, minutes and MB

    To know your balance if you are a prepaid customer or your usage is you are a postpaid one, is quite helpful to mange better your DIGI services.

    Also, in case you enjoy one of our offers, you can check your available minutes and MB. All, whenever you need.


    Dialing *130#

    In Mi Cuenta DIGI

  • Balance transfer

    With DIGI mobil you can transfer balance to other DIGI numbers.

    The transferred balance works as well as a normal top up, so you can activate offers, call…

    The service is completely free, just it will be deducted the balance you have transferred.

    Also free of charge, you can make a balance transfer to a DIGI customer when he is abroad.

    The lowest amount of a transfer is 1€.

    ● Once the transfer is made, you can not have less than 1€ of balance.

    ● In order to make a balance transfer may pass 30 days from the activation of your DIGI SIM.



  • Duplicate SIM

    If for any kind of reason (damage, theft or loss) you cannot use your DIGI SIM, you can request for a duplicate calling free 1200 or 642 642 642 (from other networks), Just accrediting you are the owner of the phone line and following the instructions of our Customer Service to get your duplicate as soon as possible.

  • Lending balance

    If you need to communicate and you don´t have enough balance, you can activate the lending balance service. In this way, you will enjoy until 1€ of additional balance for 2 days.

    You can use it to call and send SMS as well as a normal top up.

    The service activation is free of charge, simply the balance you have used up will be deducted from your next top up.

    ● You must have less than 1€ of balance to activate the service.

    ● It´s required to top up to enjoy a new lending balance.


    *100# | 1215

  • Voicemail

    The voicemail collects the messages from who has called you when your phone is busy, without coverage or switched off.

    To activate your voicemail is necessary to call 1200 and identify yourself as the line owner.

    How to access
    Once you have activated the voicemail, access from your mobile DIGI dialing 1210, or from other network dialing 642 642 210. Just enter your phone number and the voicemail password.

    On the voicemail you can check the messages, change the welcoming locution and the access password.

    ● The messages will stay on the voicemail until 2 months, it can be kept an amount of 30 and with a maximum length of 30 seconds.

    The voicemail is compatible with the missed call service.

  • Missed Call

    If somebody call you while your mobile is switched off or without coverage, you will receive a SMS informing about the number which has called, date and hour.

    Your DIGI SIM already has this service, therefore is not necessary that you activate it.

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