To surf the Internet and call with the cheapest per minute rates.


(+ 1,5GB at low speed)



1.000 SMS

Contract it and enjoy all these advantages

Cobertura 4G

Movistar coverage

Surf the Internet at the 4G highest speed and enjoy the best coverage throughout Spain.

Tú eliges

You choose

Change your product whenever you want to check your expense every month. Also you can set a usage limit to avoid surprises with the calls you make.

Acumula tus megas

Accumulate your megabytes

Accumulate the megabytes you don´t use up and enjoy them the next month with the product you have contracted.

Always improving

Always improving

Our products are not promotional, and in case we change them, we will improve them.

Con letra grande

With big print

Without asterisk which hide something or explanations that only you can read with magnifying glass.

100% DIGI Style

100% DIGI Style

These products show the way we do things in DIGI. Because with DIGI #WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet, everything is #TrueWithoutTricks and if we can improve it, we do it #BecauseYouWantedIt.

  • How works DIGI NAVEG@

    For calls that are not from DIGI to DIGI, enjoy the cheaper rates per minute . The price for sending an SMS to a number of Spain (no DIGI) is 5 cents and in case you send it to an international operator is 9 cents.

    The minutes and SMS that you don´t use up until the expiry date are not refundable neither cumulative to another months.

    In case you use up all your megabytes surf the Internet at low speed without additional costs. Surf the Internet at the highest speed again until the expiry date of your DIGI Naveg@ activating extra megabytes: 300 extra MB for 1€, 1 extra GB for 2€ or 3 extra GB for 5€.

    The megabytes you don´t use up are cumulative, you can use them during the next month. Automatically and without tricks, enjoy them with your next product. If you have doubts about the accumulation of megabytes, click here or access our blog .

    Enjoy your DIGI Naveg@ in Romania as well as in Spain and without any additional cost.

    Check all the details of DIGI Naveg@ here .

Cliente DIGI

“I tried a lot of companies until I found them. They are coherent which appears in the advertising and really take care of the customers. DIGI was the company I was looking for and it is 100% recomendable.”

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