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DIGI Naveg@

Choose the prepaid Internet offer which best suits you.

Naveg@ 750 MB

750 MB for surfing the Internet at the highest speed

For 5€/month
Taxes included!

Naveg@ 1 GB

1.5 GB for surfing the Internet at the highest speed

For 8€/month
Taxes included!

Naveg@ 2 GB

2 GB for surfing the Internet at the highest speed

For 10€/month
Taxes included!

Naveg@ 4 GB

4 GB for surfing the Internet at the highest speed

For 15€/month
Taxes included!



Without additional costs once you have used up your MB. If you wish to surf more the Internet, keep enjoying your DIGI Naveg@ until its expiry date with extra MB.

You can request for the cancellation of the automatic reactivation at any time, without any kind of penalty.

As long as you have enough balance, every month your DIGI Naveg@ will be activated again.

Every DIGI Naveg@ you activate will have the same price, without fine print neither additional cost for usage.

Just dial *130# to know your available MB whenever you wish.

You can activate one of our bundled minutes with any DIGI Naveg@.

How work


The MB usage is deducted of the amount you have activated. Without surprises neither additional costs.

At any time you can check your available MB by dialing *130# or in Mi Cuenta DIGI.

We will send you two SMS, one to inform you have less than 70 MB and other when you have used up all your MB to surf the Internet at the highest speed.

Once you have used up all your MB, you don´t pay additional costs for usage. If you wish to surf again at the highest speed until the expiry date of your DIGI Naveg@, you can activate extra MB.

The MB that you don´t use up the end of the expiry date are non-refundable neither cumulative to other months.

Automatic reactivation

We will send a SMS, 5 days before the expiry date of your DIGI Naveg@, reminding you must have enough balance in order to the automatic reactivation can be made.

After this reactivation you will have one month to enjoy your DIGI Naveg@.

You have the choice to cancel the automatic reactivation by the *100# Service Management Menu or in Mi Cuenta DIGI.

Activate your DIGI Naveg@

Gestión en punto de venta At any of our Selling points.
Gestión en Mi Cuenta DIGI From Mi Cuenta DIGI.
Gestión USSD

Dialing *100# (check out the menu)
Dialing 1215 (check out the menu)

Internet configuration

In order to enjoy mobile Internet with our internet service, you need:

  • To use a 3G mobile phone (with the options 3G and roaming activated).
  • To get an intenet offer activated.
  • To configurate your device for using DIGI Naveg@.

Your device configuration can be made by these two ways:

Automatic configuration

Now you can set up your mobile phone from Mi Cuenta DIGI on your menu: Internet / Internet configuration. You only have to indicate the IMEI number and let us know if you are in Spain or Romania. Then we will send you a “configuration SMS”, specific for your mobile phone. When you accept the installation, that SMS automatically set up your DIGI mobil data networking connection.

Manual configuration

If you need to setup your mobile phone manually, search the Access Point Names and add a conection with the next parameters:

Access Point Name (APN): internet.digimobil.es

User: digi

Password: digi

Be sure to turn on data service and data roaming.

If you need help, use this guide (in Spanish).

Gestión en Atención al ClienteTo resolve any kind of matter, you can call our Customer Service.

Once the USB modem installation has been made (check manufacturer instructions), it will be necessary a specific profile connection, giving it a name. You only need to do it once, after the app installation in your USB modem, it will be enough selecting the profile what you have assigned.

In order to create this profile, you may follow the instructions “Aplicación de
conexión a Red de datos Móvil” or the USB modem manual, supplied by the manufacturer. If you have the model HUAWEI E3131, you can download our User Guide.

You may enter the following information:

Access number or calling number: *99#
APN: internet.digimobil.es
Authentication method: PAP o CHAP*

*Just in case these parameters would not appear in the options, user has to enter a name and password. For example:

User name: digi
Password: digi

If you modem requires it, it´s necessary you allow the data connection on Roaming. Advanced options / Other options** you have to verify and configure:

Type of APN (Access Point Name): Static

IP gathering: Dynamic
IP assigned dynamically by the operator

DNS settings: Dynamic
DNS assigned dynamically by the operator

WINS settings: Dynamic
WINS assigned dynamically by the operator

Proxy server: none

Note: the name of these options can change depending on the application / USB modem.

Once you have created this profile with the information named previously, you will have to select it and clic your application (for example “Connect”).

After introducing the SIM card, swift on the Tablet and introducing the PIN code, it´s demanded to configure some parameters. It´s important to stand up what some kind of tablets (Android) this configuration is different depending on you are in that moment: Spain or Romania.

It could be some tablet models don´t need all parameters or don´t show it. The most common parameters for tablets are:

  • Set up data / data pack
  •  Set up roaming / Roaming data:
    Only if you are in Spain. If you are in Romania is not necessary the activation, but you can enable it by default (DIGI mobil SIM card doesn´t have extra charges in Spain and Romania).
  •  To create a new access with the name DIGI net and APN (Access Point Name): internet.digimobil.es
  • Set up authentication: PAP o CHAP*

*In case your tablet don´t have authentication option, it can require the following:

User name: digi
Password: digi

  • Enter country code:
    If you are in Spain: country code 214 and operator code 22.
    If you are in Romania: country code 226 and operator code 05.

This is a general information and depends on every tablet model. In this way, we recommend that you check the equipment setup guide.

Check details and Terms of Offer here (in Spanish).